Welcome Aboard the USS Malinche, NCC-38997-A!
The Excelsior-class USS Malinche, NCC-38997, was commissioned in 2328 at Utopia Planitia. Her first Commanding Officer was a seasoned veteran, Commodore Telik. Under Telik, the Malinche assisted with several terraforming missions, as well as two deep space exploration tours of duty. The Vulcan enjoyed his time in command of the Malinche, however, in 2350 he left the ship when he accepted command of a Starbase.

After the departure of Rear Admiral Telik, Captain Vorana Sholi was granted command of the USS Malinche. Her missions with the Malinche mainly involved patrol duty, as well as a few courier runs. The Malinche's patrol zone was generally the Cardassian Border. Luckily, her area was mostly quiet, but the Malinche was involved in several skirmishes.

Early in 2362, Captain Sholi's request to command a Nebula-class vessel was granted and Captain George Sanders was appointed commanding officer. With the change of command, the Malinche was started off with a few transport runs and an exploration mission before being assigned to patrol the Demilitarized Zone near the Gamma-7 outpost in 2373. It was then that Captain Sisko of Deep Space 9 requested that the Malinche assist the USS Defiant with apprenhending a Maquis raider commanded by Michael Eddington, a StarFleet traitor. When the Defiant was disabled, the Malinche towed the vessel back to DS9.

Following the incident, Captain Sanders was tasked with intercepting Eddington at Veloz Prime. Unfortunately, the Malinche fell into a trap and was diabled by three Maquis raiders, taking on a great deal of damage in the process. The USS Defiant now took the role of assisting the disabled Malinche before going on to find Eddington.

Captain Sanders and the USS Malinche were called to assist in the Dominion War once it broke out in late 2373. While the Malinche was mostly tasked with transport runs, she took part in a few battles - most notably the Battle of Cardassia in early 2376. It was during this last battle of the war that the Excelsior-class USS Malinche was destroyed while valiantly heading off a counter-attack on the USS Defiant.

In 2378 it was decided that due to her service, especially her contributions in the Dominion War, the Malinche name would live on in the form of a Prometheus-class vessel. Over the next three years, the USS Malinche NCC-38997-A was built at the Antares Fleet Yards.

Once completed in 2381, Captain Isabel Kersare was granted command of the Prometheus class USS Malinche.

Current Simm Year: 2388


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