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Beginning Forever 
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Post Beginning Forever
<<Earth, San Francisco, Banquet Hall Terrace, December 2374, 2015 hours>>

Pale moonlight was reflected off the bay on the calm, clear evening. A slight chill was in the air, but it did not dissuade those gathered from being out on the terrace adjoining the banquet hall. Overall, it was a nice contrast from the hectic events of the day. StarFleet Academy graduation had taken place in the afternoon, after which the newly graduated cadets received their first assignments. Afterwards, a reception had been put together at one of the largest banquet halls in San Francisco.

Wanting to get away from the throngs of academy graduates and instructors for a little while, Isela, Sophia, and Evey had left the main area and retreated to the terrace. Loran was still inside, but had told Isela that he would be joining them shortly. With a wistful smile, Isela turned to her friends, "Hard to believe we're finally done...It seems like we just started Academy."

"Maybe it does to you," Evey replied, "But it feels like I've been here forever! And I'm still not done, actually." The El-Aurian frowned slightly; having chosen Medical as her field, she still had another four years at StarFleet Medical before she would actually be finished.

Sophia laughed, "Somehow I think you'll survive, Evey. You did survive us, after all. That has to count for something." While she had been the one to have Isela as a roommate, the three women had been close friends while cadets.

Chuckling, Evey nodded, "I suppose it does. I just partly wish I was getting assigned to a ship as well. Which ones are you two assigned to?" She knew she needed the additional training, but with the war going on, part of her felt that she could be doing more to help than simply getting trained.

"I'll be going to the USS Gemini as Tactical Officer," Isela told her. "It's a Galaxy-class...and from what I understand, we'll be in Sector 001. So we may see some action, but I don't know how involved I'll be." Regardless, she was still excited about her first assignment and about putting her skills to use to help StarFleet.

"Galaxy class, very nice," Sophia said with a smile. "I got assigned to the Columbia as an Operations Officer, but it doesn't sound like we'll be very much involved in the war. Which is fine with me; I'd rather get used to being on a ship first. What does Loran think?" Over the past months since the portrait of Isela had shown up in their quarters, Sophia couldn't help but notice the special connection her friend shared with the artist.

"I think," Loran began as he stepped out onto the terrace with a knowing smile, Isela's order of cider in hand, "That the Dominion had best be wary."

Isela turned as she heard Loran and smiled at him, "Is that so?" Taking the drink from his hand, the Trill kissed his cheek softly, "Thank you." A look of mischief twinkled in her eye as she waited for him to explain just why the Dominion should be wary.

Loran slipped his arm around his Academy graduate and winked jokingly at her friends, "If Isela serves with the passion that she expresses in all other aspects of her life then the Dominion has good reason to be wary."

"I second that," Sophia laughed. "They should just give up now and save themselves the trouble." She winked at her friend. "I know I wouldn't want to go up against her."

Evey frowned, "I wish I could be out there. Maybe if there were more good doctors..." She let her voice trail off; they knew that she had lost her brother in the war. "Maybe Rotal would still be alive." The El-Aurian hated to dampen the mood, but it was the truth. She had only found out about his death a couple months ago and it was still difficult for her.

Loran's thoughts drifted briefly to his family on Betazed, living under Dominion occupation. His sister, Adara, was still a child having yet to come of age and the idea that she was suffering or dead was unbearable. He closed his eyes briefly and pushed the heartache back into its hiding place while holding Isela a little closer for strength.

"My apologies Evey," Loran spoke softly, sensing the girl's anguish, greater than his own. "It wasn't right of me to make light of the war but I do think that you three signify hope. None of us asked for this war and many have suffered but their lives will be vindicated by your service..." He paused and stared into Isela's eyes, "You will ensure none died in vain."

Isela glanced over at Evey, who nodded silently, before turning her attention back to Loran. He had told her before about his family on Betazed and, judging by how he had pulled her closer, she knew he was thinking of them now. Looking into his eyes, she tried to convey a sense of comfort and confidence that things would be alright. Isela knew he could feel her emotions and thoughts.

As Isela's unspoken words and feelings washed over him, Loran wished that she could know exactly how he felt about her. It was then that he recalled the ring in his pocket, the ring he had been carrying for months and holding until a special moment. He had wanted the moment to be romantic, perfect but as Isela stared at him with such intense compassion he realized that the moment he had waited for had arrived.

"Isela," Loran began soft spoken. "It's likely that you will see combat aboard the Gemini and the thought of you being in harm's way, lightyears away, fills me with dread. You and your companions have chosen to risk your lives for the Federation and for that I deeply respect you. I'm not a warrior, or an Engineer; I really have no place aboard a starship but at the same time I cannot be apart from you."

As her heart pounded, Isela listened to Loran's words. They'd talked about this before...about her being assigned to a ship, about what they would do. Although they had only known each other a short time, overall, she didn't know what she would do without him. Part of her had been dreading the thought of having to leave him behind. Her heart longed for him; she wanted him close to her. Isela wondered if this was the moment that she had been thinking about since their first date.

"I would follow you to the end of the universe my love," Loran began as he pulled the velvet covered case from his pocket and knelt before Isela. "Isela... Will you let me? Will you marry me?"

Isela, although part of her had been hoping that he would ask, felt her heart skip a beat as he pulled the case from his pocket. At first, she was overwhelmed enough that she couldn't speak, but finally she quietly said, "Yes" as she stared into his eyes lovingly.

Loran could sense that Isela wasn't entirely surprised by his proposal but her accurate suspicions did not serve to dampen the wave of joy that swept through her and over him. Standing he slipped the diamond and sapphire studded gold band onto Isela's lithe finger and embraced her with the most passionate kiss they had yet shared. Loran felt completed at once, a sensation that, had he been less controlled of an individual, might have made him weep. After a long while in their own eternal private world of passion, closed off from the present and its trappings, the couple finally parted and stared longingly into each other's eyes.

"I know it's a Human custom," Loran said quietly as he held her ringed hand up between them. "But seeing as how we are both here, on Earth and detached from our peoples, it seemed somehow appropriate."

She smiled at him as she squeezed his hand, "It's beautiful...and very fitting." In this moment, this special moment, it seemed that nothing could touch them; the War seemed a distant thing that could not penetrate their world. Instinctively the Trill knew that this would just be the beginning of a lifetime of memories with Loran. Pulling him closer to herself, Isela whispered in his ear, "I love you, Imzadi."

Loran embraced his love again and held her tightly, his chin on her shoulder and cheek absorbing the sensation of her hair's soft caress. He could spend the rest of his life holding her as such, growing old while in her arms but he knew that so much more awaited them and that there would be ample time for closeness. With his eyes closed he whispered so that only she could hear, "Today we began forever my love. Together, the universe awaits us."

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